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Hello. I am 45 year old female and few months ago I started to suffer from some very strange symptoms.
I started to feel constant fatigue and some mild pain in my leg muscles.
So, first it was some mild muscle pain but later, after few weeks, I felt
lots of painless muscle spasms everywhere except in my abdominal muscles.
I began experiencing real pain in my hips and across shoulder blades.
I didn’t know what could cause this, but I suggested it has connected with some muscle disease.
Than my friend whose mother has some disease called multiple sclerosis and that she had similar symptoms. Three months later I began having tremors (all over)and lots of muscle pain.
I visited one doctor and he said that this could be some fibromyalgia and he scheduled me for examination next week.
What could be the right diagnosis?


Well, I can't tell you that symptoms of these two diseases are sometimes same and only professional can make the difference.
Pain is the main symptom of fibromyalgia, associated with a sensation of muscle stiffness, and tender points found on examination.
Tingling is not a classical feature of fibromyalgia, but is sometimes mentioned by patients. Fatigue is another common symptom in fibromyalgia.
Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disease of the white matter of the central nervous system (CNS) and it has some characteristic symptoms.
The symptoms caused by MS are extremely varied and differ from person to person.
Symptoms may include optic neuritis, loss of muscle strength in arms and legs, symptoms affecting the sense of touch, pain, symptoms affecting the muscles controlling the bladder and bowel.
As you see some of these symptoms are the same like in fibromyalgia but I can't recall you mentioned that you had problems wit control of bladder and bowel and this is very characteristic sign so…I don’t think you suffer from MS but you will be sure only after proper examination and MRI scan.