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My boyfriend and I were fooling around on 08/02, about four days after my period, and things got heated to the point where he was rubbing his penis against my vagina.  He slipped a few times and penetrated, but he assures me that it wasn't very far in and when I got worried we pulled away and gave each other oral sex instead. I'm worried because he came earlier that day, so his pre-cum has a chance of having sperm.

Some background info on my cycle: my period tends to come around the end of each month or the beginning of each month, but lately I have been immensely stressed and not eating well, thus my periods have been slightly irregular, but there has been at least four weeks between each.  I know that it's not as likely for me to get pregnant with these circumstances, but the sperm in the pre-cum worries me so much that I can't convince myself otherwise. Can someone please confirm for me? Should I get an ECP?


If he came earlier in the day, that has no bearing on him having sperm remaining in his penis later on, especially if he has urinated since that time. Assuming your boyfriend was not excited to the point of producing precum, there is little chance of you being pregnant. Now, if he did indeed produce precum and some was deposited in your vagina, the possibility of becoming pregnant does exist. However, there is not a lot of sperm in precum compared to cum, and the likely hood of becoming pregnant from the small amount is unlikely. 

The best thing to do is wait for your next period. If you miss it, take a home pregnancy test. If it shows negative, good news. Positive, take it again to confirm. Honestly though, I don't think you have anything to worry about.