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Sometimes when i wake up from a bad dream my heart is beaing so hard out of my chest i feel like i need to calm myself down before i have a heart attack. Im 23. I dont know if its related but i also wake with cold hands. I snore. Sometimes i just out of bed unable to breath. I herd it could be from sleep apnia. Anyone have anything helpful to say?


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well sinbin it is normal for you to have a fast heartbeat after a bad or exciting dream. if they are vivid then your body reacts as if you are in that situation. normally in bad dreams you have to fight or run away and excape. so your heart is going to increas and you adreanalin will too to help you "get away" just like in real life situations.

it sounds like you may have some sleep apnia so i would go and get a sleep study done to confirm it. there are different treatments depending on the severity of it.

keep us updated on your progress good luck