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I am 23 years of age. I have a congenital condition that the doctors cannot name. This condition only affects my right leg. Two years ago I had an angiogram done that showed severe disease in my arteries of my right leg. At that time I had my femoral artery. Now I had a CAT scan done, and another angiogram that showed progression of the disease and that i no longer have my femoral artery. I am scheduled for bypass surgery on June 15. My concern with bypass is that I had my femoral artery two years ago,and now i do not. If we do the bypass what happens when the other arteries start disappearing as well. I am seeing vascular surgeons, however they do what they How do I find out what is causing the disease, and my arteries to start literally withering away to nothing. I have two kids that I want to run and play with, and if the doctors are right I will lose my leg at the hip within 5 years. Can anyone help me get to the bottom of this??? Has anyone heard of such a condition.



Hi, I am suffering from i think very much the same only mine is my arm explained to me we have 2 veins from the heart down to fingers one feeds blood to 2 fingers while other feeds other 2 plus thumb .... After many tests I have only 1 the other has disintegrated don't know how or when this happened and not sure yet what treatment I will receive ..... But do know it's now starting to effect me greatly ....I'm concerned that it will spread although it's shut down from fingers up to just above the elbow ... what's to say it won't stop yourself I can't underage why and what if !! Hope your sorted soon ..