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First off thanks for reading.

I have a pounding in my right ear when I exercise. I notice that it stops when I look up, put pressure on my right artery, or stop exercising. So I know its from increased blood flow thats making the noise. I had a lump near my right carotid artery at the same time so I thought that might be it. I went to the doctor and they did an ultrasound of only my right carotid artery. It came back fine. Now I am worried. I read that if an artery is narrowing it would make the other local arteries pump more blood thus making that noise. Wouldnt it make sense that if my left carotid artery was narrowing that it would make noise in my right ear? Or are they talking about how if say my right internal artery is narrowing more would flow through the right external artery and not the left side?

I also had a lump near my right artery so I had a cat scan of my neck. Would they have checked for narrowing arteries or are they just focused on lumps and masses?

I am so nervous I am going to have a stroke or something at any second. My parents say its nothing(I dont blame them because I have major anxiety and have been to many doctors, but none have checked my left carotid artery) . So to put my mind at some ease I tell myself " that if my left artery was seriously blocked that I would be having this thumping noise even without exercise?" Does this sound reasonable or should it only make the noise when exercising?



Hi Billy: When we have talked before about noticing your heart beat etc. This is kind of the same thing, when we exercise or get up too fast, then the pounding starts. BUT when you are focusing on it, it can take over!!

You mentioned your "Major Anxiety" This is compounded - I'm sure - with the fact that the doctors are looking at a lump on your neck! BUT that said, Billy, IF they thought for one moment it was Cardiac/Vascular, they wouldn't mess with that I PROMISE you. Think of the pluses in your life, you are young, fit, you exercise etc. So the chances of it being something vascular or cardiac are VERY slim too none.

We get lumps and bumps ALL the time, some are explainable some need more investigating. You could even have a blocked lymph node. I will say this to you, IF you read up on different things that are happening, it wil drive you to having a MAJOR ANXIETY attack! I am NOT a believer in using the internet for self diagnosis. Because when you are looking for something, sometimes you can come up with all the different scenarios and then WHAM right below a REGULAR Cold, you find that your symptoms could also be LUNG CANCER!!!!!!!!And when you are already anxious you wont see the REGULAR COLD, you WILL see Lung Cancer!! and no one can change your mind on that.

So please don't do that anymore OK Billy? When my youngest son was diagnosed with EDS I immediately went home and looked it up on the computer, within 1 hour I was having difficulty breathing and could barely stand!!!! The "Could happen" the "Possibility" was ALL I could think of. NOT the lesser parts, but the MAJOR MAJOR stuff. I told one of my sons specialists and he said " DO NOT go on the internet!!" Which I tell others.

You will be stressing yourself out so much that it will take over your life. A Stroke is called the "Silent Killer" There are definitely symptoms too be aware of IF/WHEN it happens, but too worry about it needlessly will stop you from living now!! Do you understand?

Below is a link for different symptoms of anxiety. IF you think you match any of these, ask for help. It isn't something too be ashamed of Billy. I am on many different drugs, to counter other drugs!!! And without them I could not function. But that's a whole other story. IF you need help, ask!

So take a deep breath, relax, and STOP looking at your neck!!! ;-) XD ;-) Best of luck and health to you Billy!!