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I am an experienced runner, 72, ex Masters. My heart rates jumps to 170+ but after a mile or so it drops to around 120 and then accelerates to a normal 140+ - for the next 4-5 miles.

Hard to continue with the high heart rate as my breathing becomes labored.

Any help would be appreciated.


I had a bypass a couple of years ago. I talked the Dr. into letting me run not long after surgury and he agreed as long as I took it easy. Up to that point I rarely used the HRM on my Garman 305 and then it became religion. My heart rate would go ballistic right after I stated running and then level out a while later. Needless to say in that situation it was unnerveing.
I found out the culpret was the sensors did not work right when very dry. Once I tried lubricant (vasoline), or just licked em or the weather turned hot it didn't happen.
If that doesn't help I'd ask a cardiologist,
Good Luck,


Thanks for your response. Wish it helped, but our situtation is a little different. My heart monitor shows the 'spike', but more importantly I am forced to either slow down or walk.

Been to a couple of cardiologist's but nothing seems to help.

Appreciate you taking time to reply. Good luck.