Hi there
I'm a 22 male, I started running 4 months ago (I used to do only bodybuilding), and I've followed a beginners program to run 30 minutes without stopping. I can do that now, and I'm trying to progress, my goal is to run 10 km in the least time possible.

I bought myself a heart rate monitor last week, so I could do some trainings in a more precise manner, but this is what got me confused..
Using the calculators I realised that my anaerobic threshold is about 175..
That would set my target heart rate for endurance training from 131-149 (75-85% of anaerobic treshold)..
However, today I tested and running the slowest I could go on the streets (at about 7.30 min/km), my heart rate would still be around 155...
How is it possible for me to run with that target heart rate?
Should I just switch to walking?
I was used to running at about 6.2-6.3 min/km, and I think my heart rate should be around 170 during that..
Have I been training wrong?

Thank you for your insight