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I had sex with my girlfriend using condoms, doing some fingering and twice i just rubbed using my penis in which once ejaculation happened but at that time my penis was just touching her outer part instead it wasn't intercourse. After 1 day, she started vomitting followed by breast paining and pain in the lower part of her stomach. She also had i-pill, a emergency contraceptive pill after 68 hours of sex. Please do suggest me what are the possibilities and precautions measures to be taken.


I doubt your girlfriend would be displaying pregnancy symptoms the day after you ejaculated. It usually takes a couple of days for the fertilized egg to even implant.

My guess is she was having PMS or symptoms from taking the morning-after pill. It can make the body have pregnancy symptoms like that in some women.

If she has symptoms again in a couple of weeks or is late on her period, have her take a test.