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I would just like to know has any 1 else lost both of their fallopian tubes through ectopic pregnancies, and is very frustrated that they can transplant ovaries and major organs but not fallopian tubes.The whole world makes a fortune out of fertility treatment and i have had 3 failed attempts at that 2. I am so depressed and money is tight and im so desperate for a baby as is my husband, i dont know what to do. They told me at my fertility clinic to try icsi next time but this more expensive than straight forward ivf,please can any 1 understand how i feel.


Hi i've also had 2 eptopic pregnacies and an ovary removed . ive had 3 attempts at IVF im starting my 4th in a few weeks . i dont know how your feeling but i can guess. ive tried to stay positive through the past 10 yrs of trying but never give up it will happen one day! my speciliast has been positive throgh all my treatments but sometimes they really dont know why it doesnt work , sometimes you have to think when the times right it'll happen and they'll be even more special !

money is also tight for us , on my 2nd attempt i donated eggs in return for treatment maybe thats an option for you?

ive done carboot sales and jumble sales to raise cash. its such a struggle and no-one really understands until they've been there xx