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Hi everybody,

we’ve been trying to conceive naturally for two years before the first visit to fertility doctor - it turned that everything is OK with me, but it was really heartbreaking to discover that my husband has almost no viable sperm. Even with his low sperm count, we went through IVF, and so far the two cycles we did all ended up unsuccessfully. My husband wants for us to try again, but all the emotional disappointment and just pure sadness from three unsuccessful attempts has got me wondering if we really are good candidates for IVF. I simply don’t know if I’m ready for disappointment again, yet I don’t want to give up hope of having our own child.


Hello Dear

Sorry to hear about that. I am not a doctor or in the same situation as you are - I have two kids already. Trust me a baby is worth dying for and the best thing ever to happen to a woman. It gives life an entire new meaning. Have a very positive approach. My blessings and good wishes are on your way :)