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I am concern. These are my symptoms.
I have a neverending viginal itch an very uncomfortable.
My labia minora is very dark and bigger than the other.
It swell before and afer my period.
This only happens on one side of my labia minora.
I am not having sex.
I also have discharge.
This has me very worry.



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There is nothing wrong with your labia being dark and bigger than the other one. It is perfectly normal as labia may differ in both color in size and they also differ from one woman to another. We are not always perfectly symmetric, so this should not be a problem. One of your labia can get bigger if you ride a bicycle often or if you masturbate due to friction. If it grows to be way too big and starts bothering you, it can be surgically fixed.

The itching and the discharge you described are probably yeast infection. Have you seen a doctor about it? What kind of discharge is it? Is there a bad odor as well.

Yeast infection is nothing serious but needs to be treated, so it wouldn’t progress to another problem. How long have you had these itching and discharge problems. Yeast infection occurs when there is an overgrowth of the yeast that already lives in your vagina. The overgrowth occurs after prolonged bacterial treatment, after excessive vaginal washing and douching, using spermicides, etc…it is not a sexually transmitted disease.
In order to be sure that it is yeast and not some other infection, you need to see a gynecologist and have a proper exam, so that you could get a proper treatment.