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Hello i am 21 yrs old and I recently noticed that my left labia is swollen. It does not hurt or anything and there is no abnormal discharge, but I was just wondering if it is something I should be worried about or will the swelling go down on its own?


It depends on what have caused the swelling. If the swelling was caused by rough sexual intercourse, then it would go away on its own.
If the swelling is caused by certain irritants like washing detergent, vaginal deodorants, or similar, it would go away if you stopped using any of the products.

If there’s swelling and maybe a little bit of redness and itchiness, you may have yeast infection. Yeast infection occurs when yeast that is a part of our normal vaginal flora overgrows and causes symptoms. The yeast overgrowth often occurs after antibiotic treatment because antibiotics may kill the friendly bacteria that also makes normal vaginal flora and maintains balance inside vagina. When the bacteria are killed, levels of yeast grow and this is called yeast infection. It could be also caused by washing detergents, non-cotton underwear, vaginal deodorants, too much douching, excessive vaginal washing with harsh soaps, etc. Not all symptoms must be present, sometimes just a swelling like in your case could be indicating yeast infection.

Yeast infection is no big deal, it is easily treated but it should be treated, so that it wouldn’t progress to bacterial vaginosis and cause even more discomfort.

It would be wise to see a gynecologist to determine what the exact cause would be.