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hi i got a swollen viginal lip on the right side it is sore when i walk and i inspected it and found a little whit mark on the out side of the lip
please help what could it be please


I am not sure what the white mark could be but you should certainly have it checked by either a dermatologist or a gynecologist.

Vaginal lips usually swell due to yeast infection. Yeast infection is not an STD, and it occurs after an antibiotic treatment, excessive vaginal washing and douching, etc…

Yeast infection may cause other symptoms as well like vaginal discharge with foul smell, redness, itchiness and scaly surface in the vaginal area. It usually doesn’t leave any white marks.
It is easily treated once diagnosed, so I reckon you better saw a doc to determine what this could be.
It could be contact dermatitis as well as you may be reacting to your new detergent as well.