I'm looking for an answer! I have been experiencing an itchy swollen labia minor for the past 3 weeks. However it comes and goes within 2 days. The first time I experienced it I woke up with a swollen itchy labia minora so I went to the drug store and took an oral medication for a yeast infection and it cleared up by the next day. A week later I woke up with the same symptoms which seemed to get worse throughout the day, and this time it burned when I had to urinate which was very frequently. I did not have any unusual discharge. I was pretty upset and decided that I would go to a walk in clinic the next day. However the next morning the symptoms were gone. I went to the doctor anyways but he was unable to perform a pelvic exam because he did not have a nurse present? So instead I verbally gave him my symptoms and he said he believed it was a yeast infection so I took another 150 mg of the oral medication. Five days later the symptoms came back and lasted for 2 days (itchy swollen lamia minora that burns when I pee with no discharge) but now feels completely normal. Does anyone have any idea what this could be?? I traveling in a different country now so I don't really want to have to see a doctor here. I have been googling many possibilities but none seem to fit!