I am a wus about pain, but an entrepreneur, and had to go in to work on day 5 in the morning, fire someone, babysit the troops and make an action plan, do paperwork and email, sit in meetings.  Only there five hours.  Did the same day 6 and 7 and today is day 8.  I would much rather be at home taking care of myself, but if you have to, you have to.  I can talk, or I whisper when that seems too hard or I dont' feel like talking. I take the pain med more frequently than the suggested 4-6 hours.  the ear pain is some of the worst ever. scortching, searing, flaming, awful.  I had to leave the house yesterday because the pain was so bad.  I went out and walked about for a bit, and in 15 minutes more pain med had kicked in and I was okay.  I found that if I dont eat or drink the ear pain doesnt really exist.  It only follows eating or drinking.  Lost 10 lbs so far, and can't make a movement.  The first few days I could not even stand to drink water or suck on an ice chip.  I did very little day 2, 3, or 4.  not even tv.  just laid in the bed.  I took a brief walk on day 3 with family, and had such a miserable time, and no one wanted to see me in so much pain, I decided not to see or talk to them much on day four and kept to my self as much as I could.  No one will understand your pain except your most supportive, closest, self.  Day 7 I ate blueberries with no pain.  On Day 6 after tosilectomy I could eat ice cream for the first time and it felt good. Ear pain was caused by any kind of juice or fruit or anything that looked like it had flavor or color. Scorching ear pain after a bite of fruit, after a mixed juice drink, after a taste of wine.  No pain after warmed up pureed butternut squash.  You can buy it in the frozen food section, or make from fresh.  I did both. I think mash potatoes would be good if you like them.  I made myslef pureed food in the blender. Mashed butternut squash, pureed leeks and even pureed some chicken in with it.  use chicken stock warmed for the liquid to puree it.  It was easier to get down than water.  But I only ate about 1/2 cup the first few days.  Even now on day 8, I havent had much, and blueberries, is the most solid thing I have tried, and they were okay.  I am worried that my bowels have stopped working, but maybe it is because they don't have much to work with.

I, like other posters, still feel the suffering is worth it, because it reminds me of all the previous tonsil pain and tonsil into ear, and tonsil into jaw, and tonsil into gland area, etc, that I used to get all the time.  And the tonsil pus, and infections, etc.  I am glad to be rid of all of that.  Now I wont have to ask myself, "why do my tonsils always have to hurt so much?".  Yippee.  I type that while lying on the couch, mild pain, waiting for prescription to be refilled. Totally worth it.