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I'm 28 yrs old and have been suffering from hemorrhoids for about 3yrs now. I have been using anti-hemorrhoidal ointment to lessen the pain. I have been married for 2 yrs already and we'v been trying to conceive. Does the use of hemorrhoidal ointment affects my chance of conceiving? Will it be possible for me to deliver a healthy baby despite of my condition? help me pls... :'(


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Hemorrhoids ointment should not interfere with your ability to conceive since you are not applying them to the vaginal area but anal and sperm always gets inside vagina in order to reach the egg.

Secondly, the ointment shouldn’t hurt the baby although it would be wise to get rid of the hemorrhoids before getting pregnant-you may choose some of the numerous procedures. Above all, you should make sure you are not constipated and it would be best if you started eating more fruits and veggies or take fiber supplements and drink a lot of plain water throughout the day.
The removal before conception doesn’t necessarily mean you wouldn’t develop them during pregnancy or slightly after delivery.

You could actually consult your doctor about the safe ointments and suppositories during pregnancy. None of these are to be used long-term, not even when not pregnant as they may cause more inflammation.