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I am 21 years old, It has been about 3.5 weeks since i was first told i have a hemroid. I was given hydrocortizone suppositories as well as lidocane ointment for pain, i was told to do sitz baths 3 times a day with epsom salts, i went back to a doctor 4 days later since the pain was increasing, given vicodin for pain. Went back a few days after that feeling uneasy and unconvinced. This time they took blood tests and a stool sample, as well as reffered me to a surgeon. I saw a surgeon who prescribed a nitroglycerin based ointment, i read online that it has about a 56% success rating, i am sure if that is true or not. I have been using the nitroglycerin based ointment for 1.5 weeks, it seemed as though it was getting better, then got worse. The pain has intensified and every now and then if i use a mirror i have been able to see what looks to be a external hemroid and has gradually gotten bigger. I am going to see a surgeon in a few days and feel as though i will not be satisfied at all with being told to go home and use another medication.

Summed up, im curious if anyone thinks i should push for surgery and if so any recomended procedures?

The pain is currently about a 5/10 but as ive said its just getting worse..

Ive not been able to work or go to school in 3.5 weeks and really need to get back to living my life.


My best advice is to read up on this forum and read personal experiences. You probably have already and therefore know that many, MANY people experience LONG recovery times, reoccurences with hemorrhoids, and other really messed up problems. I guess it all comes down to how badly you want to chance it with surgery. Have you tried natural remedies like Vanapro or Hem Relief? They work, but a lot of the time dont work for severe cases. I is worth a shot I suppose. They are also great for preventing other hemorrhoids from forming because they strengthen vein walls. I would defiently pop those pills before and after a surgery after hearing how many people get new hemorrhoids shortly after surgery.

But yea it is all up to you. You will be out of school or work for 3 months with a hemorrhoidectomy. You could try rubber band litigation if they are internal hemorrhoids. External, you could try the injection shot (can't remember the name.)

Overall we all suffer from these possibly for the rest of our lives. Do your best to prevent any further ones from developing and hopefully in time a friggin cure will come out and so many sufferers can finally see some relief.