I gave birth to my son 5 months ago.  Due to being pregnant and being put on iron pills I was really constipated in my 3rd trimester and I suspect I had some hemorrhoids starting from then already, but it didn't cause me any issues.

After pushing for 3 hours to deliver my baby, there was (sorry TMI) a mass of tissue that came out of my anus that stayed out.  My GP gave me some Anusol suppositories and after 12 days the swelling/tissue shrank back inside but ever since then after every BM my anus will prolapse with tissue (looks like a mini donut, again sorry TMI) and starts to shrink back in within an hour of a BM.

There is no pain and no bleeding but it's uncomfortable and for most of the day I feel like I have to go have another BM as it feels like there's something in my sphincter?  I know it's not stool but it feels like it and even gas makes it feel like that.  The anus just feels "plugged".  My muscles end up tensing cause I feel like I want to "hold it in" but I feel like it can't close completely cause there's excess tissue there.  It feels best in the morning after laying down to rest.

I went to see 3 surgeons: 2 general and 1 colorectal surgeon and they all agree it's complex hemorrhoids (I was not sure if it was that or some kind of rectal prolapse).  I am booked for a classic closed hemorrhoidectomy and I am TERRIFIED.  

Most of the posts  I have read involve people with pain and bleeding from their hemorrhoids, in my case it's this distressing feeling of feeling like I have to go #2 all the time.  It's MADDENING and I am distracted by it all the time.  Makes it really hard to be present with my baby.  

I'd like to know if anyone out there has had this feeling related to their hemorrhoids and whether it resolved with the surgery?  

Thanks ahead to anyone who can offer some insight!