Four months back I Have been diagnosed with acute Hepatitis B and also am a patient of Epilepsy since past 10yrs.

Now that I have Hepatitis my medication is changed from Zeptol 300mg CR to Levipil 500mg and also I take Udliv Forte 300mg twice a day.

As per my LFT(latest 3 reports taken with 15day gap each)the values are as following,
Total Bil : 1.4; 15days back 1.1; 30 days back 1.0

Direct bil : 0.4; 15 days back 0.4; 30 days back 0.6

Indirect Bil 1.0; 15 days back 0.7; 30 days back 0.4

SGPT 64; 15 days back 24; 30 days back 77

SGOT 92; 15 days back 17; 30 days back 32

Following are list of question I am seeking answer for,

Chances of me getting a Chronic Hepatitis?

Chances of my family being infected? My siblings are already vaccinated few year back does she need a booster shot?
Would I recover completely i.e, would the HBV in my blood vanish? Also how long would it take to get cured completely?

Can I lead a normal life after this as I would be getting married soon?