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was addicted to painkillers for about 5 1/2 months. I started taking them just at work. Then i was doing them everyday for the last 2 months. It never really got too bad. I never really exceeded more then 2000 milligrams (Or two Thousand mg vicodens or percocet) of codein or, if i had it 20 miligrams of oxycontin. I snorted them sometiems but i really didnt like doing that so i just started popping 20 milligrams of oxy or a couple 2 or three vicoden a day just to motivate me. (But only 20-30 milligrams of oxy a day or 2 or 3 vicodens a day, never both on the same day)

My question is could i have doesn any serious irreversable damage to my lungs because i have a history of asthma. My asthma has been under control for the last 4 or 5 years with drugs like advair and singulair but i just want to know if i'm gonna dies in the next five years or when im 30 or forty. BTW I'm 19 and I also exercise and lift weights. I played organized sports ever since i was 7 when i was diagnosed with asthma. I just want to know if i've screwed myself bad. I've been off for about a week now and not going back for fear of death.

I've been perscribed vicoden before and even percocet one time for an ankle injury. Although when i was addicted i never exceeded the recommended dosage for the specific drugs, i would still like to know.

thank you so very very much


Opiates, by themselves, do not harm your body in any way, that is, if you are able to avoid the hazards often related to opiate use, e.g., overdose, hepatitis C, Aids, etc. For example, you can be a heroin addict for 30 years, and so long as you don't overdose, share needles and thus expose yourself to aids, hep C, and other blood infection, you could quite after that 30 years and will have done no harm to your body whatsoever. What annoys me the most, are the doctors who prescribe 750mg vicodins. I call those liver killers. If I'm not mistaken, the max. amount of acetomyofin /s/ (tylinol)that your liver can handle in one day is 4000mg. Thus 2 750s 3 times a day, puts you at 500mg over the max amount of tylinol you can take. Vicodin addicts will take far more than 6 tabs a day, and in no time their liver is garbage. From what you describe I doubt you did any liver damage, but if you want peace of mind, go to your doctor and ask for a blood test including a liver profile, if the liver profile comes back normal you're ok. For the life of me I don't know why doctors don't prescribe the lower tylinol vicodins such as 10/325 (norcos) or any of the many other variants. For that matter, I also don't know why they don't prescribe vicoprophen, that is, 7.5 mg hydrocordone with 200mg of advil. There is no risk to your liver there, but you can mess up your kidneys if you get too out of control on those. The prescription dose of advil is 800mg, so you can take 4 vicoprofin getting 30 mg hydocordone, and do no harm to yourself at all. I was hooked once and took 4-5 norcos to start, 3 hours later I'd take 4 vicoprophens (thereby getting 70-80 mg hydrocordone every 4-5 hrs) and repeat every 4-5 hrs or so. When I got to taking this amount I couldn't get through the night without getting up and vomitting from withdrawal. I then stopped cold turkey, with not even a valium to reduce the withdrawal effects, and it took 10 days of the worst misery I've ever been through. It was just like the withdrawal you'd see in the movies. I was taking, no exaggeration, 20-30 showers a day(the only thing that seemed to help with the body ache and pain). I cried, tossed and turned, vomited and had body ache like nothing I've ever experienced. It did teach me a lesson though, and I have been very careful about getting physically addicted to other things I have used on occasion since then including oxycontin, norcos, morphine (contin ms 100mg), heroin, etc. Thankfully, my reason for seeking out such meds was a very deep self destructive depression that lasted 5 years, and this last spring that depression just suddenly lifted for no apparent reason, and the need for opiates to block the depression and thoughts of taking my life is now gone. I greatly resent the puritanical society we live in that ignores or fails to fully appreciate how deeply people can be suffering mentally and as a result turn to opiates as an only resort. Instead, when our society comes across such people they throw them in jail (permanantly destroying future chances of employment-employers can pull your criminal record in the punch of a button on the internet), when instead such people should be in hosptals or under the care of a doctor. 15% of our population has been in the penal system and of the people in prison 85% are there for drug related crimes. The "war on drugs" isn't saving lives, its destroying them. When a person goes to prison think not only is that person's life destroyed, but oftentimes so are the lives of that person's family (spouse, siblings, parents, children, etc). But the war on drugs has created a powerful new lobby in the testing facilities, drug courts, specially certified probation officiers, etc that make tons of money off the criminal justice system that handles the war on drugs. Sorry for my overally long diatribe, but the way our society has chosen to deal with drug addiction just makes me want to vomit---it is medival in nature, and years from now, people will wonder at the cruelty of such a society.