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Hello guys, I have just been diagnosed with diabetes type 2 and so I'm new to this. Can anyone tell me what causes hyperglycemia? I mean how did I get this way and is it possible to get rid of it or am I going to be on medication for the rest of my life. UGH! Not only do I not like to take medication but it's expensive and I really don't have much money. I had been experiencing being very thirsty and drinking a lot of water which makes me pee a lot. Oh, what a nuisance. I'm always having to look for the bathroom everywhere I go. Sometimes I try to drink less so I don't have to go so much. If anyone can explain this I would appreciate it. Thanks


Hi, so you want to know about what causes hyperglycemia. Okay, this is not simple but I try to make it simple as best I can. Basically, you eat carbohydrates (complex sugars) and simple sugars (glucose, fructose etc) from breads, potatoes, pasta and other foods. Your body absorbs the sugars which go directly into your bloodstream. These sugars can't enter your cells on their own. They need assistance from a hormone known as insulin which is made and secreted by your pancreas. As the amount of sugar increases in your blood, this triggers your pancreas to release insulin. Insulin binds to cells in the body and allows glucose to pass through a channel so the sugar can get inside your cells. Once glucose is inside it can be used to make energy in the form of ATP which is used to run your metabolic pathways. If you have extra glucose running around it will be stored as glycogen (complex polymer of sugars) in skeletal muscle and your liver. This store of sugar can be used later when your not eating and need more energy. When insulin opens glucose channels this lowers your blood sugar levels back to normal levels and this decreases the secretion of insulin.


So, in diabetes, the effects of insulin is decreased either because you don't make enough insulin which would be type 1 or because you body is resistant to insulin which is type 2. Any which way, this leaves too much sugar in your blood causing hyperglycemia. This is a very unhealthy condition and you need medical attention. How does this happen? Well, if you're already diabetic, you didn't take enough insulin to remove enough sugar that you ate. Chances are you're not following the diet your doctor gave you. You may not be exercising like you are supposed to or perhaps you're experiencing stress. If you have just become diabetic it could be because you've taken medication that caused it due to some illness or infection. Part of diabetes has to do with a genetic predisposition. In other words, you're born with it. However, you need to come in contact with something in the environment that triggers it. One major contributor is eating all the wrong foods for a life time.