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POWERade for example has 10% of Vit. B6 and B12 and YJ Stinger has 100% of 5 types of Vitamin B and 300% of another. Are they healthy to be drinking regularly?


I guess no one knows...thanks anyway all


the vitamins sound great!!

but how about the sugar levels?
i'm not familar with YJ Stinger
powerade isnt too bad, it had a lil too much sodium for most people, so i recommend drinking some water with it
also, watch out for caffiene

B vitamins are vital in repairing/growing your muscles!

The only energy drink I really trust is XS, 8 calories per can, no sugar, 0 carbs, loaded with B vitamins, and low sodium, 8 flavors, 2 no caffiene, tastes better than pop


Recently I received samples of A.C.T. which claims to be a
healthy alternative to energy drinks. It has 100% of Vit C,
B3,6&12, plus caffeine and a bunch of herbs. It claims to
work in 15 minutes and last all day long but I couldn't get
past the taste.

If anyone would like to try it, I have a couple of samples left.

If it's energy and mental clarity you are looking for, I recommend
an herbal extract I've been using called "Sunbright" It's not a drink,
you take 2-4 droppers in the morning and it packs a punch that
lasts about 14 hours. It's all natural.

Here's some information about the ingredients:

Yerba Mate is prized as a refreshing and reviving stimulant by
natives of South America. It stimulates cerebral activity and the
central nervous system.

Ginger Root is used in Oriental medicine to strengthen and stimulate
vital energies while in vigorating the whole body.

Gotu Kola is a tonic herb of Asian origin that promotes alertness
and has anit-fatigue properties.

Green Tea Extract is prized for its stimulating properties throughout
the world.

Wild Yam has anti-spasmodic properties and is believed to improve
liver function and lower blood pressure.

Reishi Mushroom is currently being studies in China as a
sports performance enhancer because of adaptagenic
properties that are four to six times more potent than Ginseng.
It also nourishes and supports the immune system by preserving
oxygen in the body.

Potential Benefits From Ingredients:Help sustain energy.
Enhance a sense of well-being.
Assist in fat burning.
Supports mental clarity.

Personally, I like taking something once and getting on with
the day, drinking my water and lemonade instead of syrupy sweet
energy drinks that make me feel wired.

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I'm not one for beating around the bush - this product was o'kay, better than most energy boosters. What I lilked about Crank Powder is the fact that it enabled me to stay up all night. I like to party at clubs and then go right to the beach for more partying and you can't do that without help. It comes in a package, powdered form and mixes well with juice or water, but I prefer juice.

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The labels on energy drink and any other drink on the market today only tell part of the story because of pasturizing and heat filled techniques to give shelf life. What you see is not what you get. 70 to 80% is lost in the process nnd acive enzyme are destroyed.

Crystaline Fructose is a glorified corn syrup used in some so called healthy energy drink. Stevia Reb A is one of the best natural sweetner to use. 100 times sweeter then sugar.