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My age is 28 and i just found that i have diabetes an year ago. i got an advice from doctor saying like you dont need to go for insulin instead they suggested me to do exercise daily without fail and eat fibrous food. I was just doing that but i just lost weight like anything. i came to 67 from 71. I also admit that being a software engineer my job was totally sedentary. Kindly advice me whether i can make it better by the way i eat and do exercise or should i really go for Insulin.

Thanks for the advice.


If your doctor says you don't require insulin then you are a type 2 diabetic. This means your body is not responding properly to insulin (insulin intolerence) and/or your pancreas is producing reduced amounts of insulin than normal.

The general treatments for type 2 diabetes are exercise and dietary changes. You need to avoid injesting certain carbohydrates such as highly processed and refined starches and starches that are rapidly broken down into glucose such as white rice. There are other things you can add to your diet that help to reduce and control your blood sugar such as cinnamon, chromium supplements, complex carbohydrates (whole wheat, oatmeal, high fiber cereals and grains), green teas and such. Search the internet and you will find many dietary recommendations that can help control your blood sugar.

It is also advisable to purchase one of the blood glucose monitors you can get at the drug store. You need to know what your blood sugar is in order to control it.