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Im 26 female i had my C-section on march 2005.Im trying every thing every thing to loose my Tummy weight but not able to do so.I gained a lot of weight during pergnancy 18 pounds.My baby was 8.3 pound on birth.Im 5'1" short petite person.I lost little weight after deliver but due to c section i was not able to do any tummy exercise.So all the weight stored in my tummy.I run walk exercise danced tredmill every thing.Currently i weight 138 pounds.I have every thing in shape except my tummy.I know there are many 1st time mom like me who are having same problem like me.If some one can help me!!! That will be great help.

Waiting for ue reponses.



Hey my wife had C- section and she also had some problems with fat around her stomach. Few months after the delivery she started to work out in the gym but she was feeling pain during abdominal exercises so she avoided them. The results were amazing but as you have mentioned the tummy was still there. 

Few months after this she went to see her doctor and he said that there is nothing she can do to get rid of this nasty fat. If she is experiencing pain during abdominal exercises she should't perform them. 

So now we are considering tummy tuck surgery. But we are afraid because of the c-section and she doesn't want to visit our doctor again because she can't stand him after last conversation she had with him. 

Since it has been a while from your last visit I was hoping that you could say what you have done at the end and was it a god solution for your tummy fat.