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Im 15 and like to eat healthy. So, I use stevia and erythritol.But, I have sa few sugar related questions.

Does baking fruit change the fructose or other natural sugars in fruit, in any way? Is there a loss in antioxidants or nutrients?

Is it bad to eat too much fruit?

Of course something with high sugars 9is going to be ingested from time to time. Is there anything to do that  will help it digest?

Cinnamon is good for the pancreas, right?

Ive read fructose robs the body of its nutrients, that's incorrect right/

When using vanilla extract or liqueur, dos this add sugar to the pastry/dish?

If youre wondering, if I am diabetic, Im not. There is in genes, though.


Being a diabetic that had severely high sugar and managing to handle it diet controlled, I have learned a few things

Agave is a great natural sweetener. It has the same exact amount of carbs and calories as honey and sweetens the same if not a little better but its known for its ability to help you avoid spikes in your blood sugar. Another tip is when you eat any kind of carbs at all you can cut the bodies process of turning carbs to sugar by combining carbs with fats and or proteins. example would be a small dollop of peanut butter on your apple. or cheese with any fruit etc...