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So I have been a diabetes type 2 patient for a few years and was able to keep my diabetes under control like with diet and walking a few times a week anmd I wen to my doctor to have my A1c drawn to find that it is too high.  He put me on some medicine called metformin. It is a drug that is supposed to lower your blood sugars better so I thought.  It is doing the trick but it also make me have diarrhea that the worst times.  It is bad to have it anytime actually but when I am out with friends or when I am at the grocery store.... I am having cramping and then have to run to the bathroom becaause I might poo my pants if I don't.  I thought maybe if I went on a low carb diet, you knnow, lower than my diabetic diet, it might help becaause I have found that it (dirrrhea) happens when I have ate some carbs that was sugary and stuff made from high fructose corn syrup.  I think it may keep the diarrhea under control.  Has anyone else have this type of experience and can help me with your advice? 


You may want to try eating foods that are in the low glycemic level of the GI.  The Glycemic Index (GI) lists carbohydrates in a continuum of 1-100, where the lower the number, the slower the carbs from the food release into the body.  On the higher end with SUGAR being at 100, food with a higher glycemic load will dump carbs into your bloodstream faster.  If you try to eat more foods on the lower glycemic index, your diarrhea may stop because you will be eating more fiber.  Low glycemic foods tend to be higher in fiber.