Diet is one attempt to get the ideal body and proportional as expected. Many women who go on a diet for the sake of having a beautiful and attractive body. Nothing wrong with it, very humane at all if all the women in the world is dreaming of a beautiful body and enchanting.


The problem is how do diet. There is a diet in accordance with doctor’s advice there is also a diet carelessly even a bit extreme just to get a beautiful body. As a result, not a beautiful body but a disease that is obtained to arrive.

Obviously we do not want to if it happens to us. To that end, it is very important for us to know how a natural healthy diet. How can such a natural healthy diet? The following are tips that can be done in the framework of a healthy diet natural way, namely:

1. Still eating three meals a day The way a healthy diet do not need to not eat all day or days, because it will only torture yourself. We are still required to eat three times a day with a sufficient portion of course. The food we eat is nutrition that we will use as fuel during the move. That is why breakfast is also an important thing. What makes us fat is actually when the food intake is greater than the energy released by the body. For that reason, eat regularly with activities all day is to be done. Do not sleep immediately after eating.

2. Not increase the portion of food at meals Do not increase the portion of food when we’re eating. Suffice it once we take rice and side dishes because it is consistent with the existing space in our digestive cavity.

3. Do not consume snacks in idle moments Snacks is one factor that makes us fat fast. Snacks are usually used as a friend in times of quiet and a lot of work. For this reason, from now on we should not eat a snack with a frequency that is too often.

4. Carbohydrate diet Carbohydrates are consumed in excess can cause obesity. Therefore reducing carbohydrates is one of the recommended healthy diet.

5. Dietary fat Just like carbohydrates, fat is also a substance that can harm the body when consumed in excess. For that next is how a healthy diet with a diet of fat or reduced fat foods.

6. Consuming fruits and vegetables for detoxification Vegetables and fruits are very good for health. One benefit is to the detoxification process or the process of spending toxins. Following a healthy diet is to consume only vegetables and fruit alone for some time. And the results we can see afterwards.

7. Consuming water Absolute water consumption because it can neutralize toxins and fats in the body.

8. Reduce consumption of canned drinks Better to drink water instead of drinks cans, beverage cans because many contain artificial sweeteners which can lead to obesity.