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I'm 13, and I'm both fructose and lactose intolerant. I currently eat a lot of things that I shouldn't, because my family just recently found out about my fructose intolerance. Most of the things that are acceptable I don't like, so I'm pretty freaked out. In addition, I have a lactose intolerance, but I take a Lactaid capsule for that. If anyone has both fructose and lactose intolerances, please tell me any alternatives that you have found out about.



You are better off cooking your own sweets as you can make these lactose free and use your own sugar for making them fructose free.  Also I suggest seeing a Nutritionist as they are very knowledgeable and will give you lots of alternatives; I have Celiac disease, I saw one of these and was one of the best things that I did for myself as I found out lots of foods that I COULD still eat and lots that I could cook that would still taste like gluten food.  Google lots recipes as your family WILL also like what you make too even though it's speciality food.

hope this helps