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i belive that i may have genital warts they are flesh colored and cover pretty much must of my scrotum im only 17 so i don't really wanna go to a doctor's does apply cider vineagar work and whats the best way to apply and advice would be of great help thanks


bro, trust me on this DO NOT GO NEAR those hillbilly freaks and their cider c**p, what you need to know is that when your immune is whack the virus is active (when you get warts visible) and it is visible by emerging through breaks in your skin, ive never had or seen them on a scrotum must be rats! so you need to look after your skin and build it up to stop breakages and tears.

 which means no soap or "stripping" washes, wash with aqueous cream only down there, i have quite a big penis so i get friction on the bottom edge of my nob and the area behind, 4 skin area when pulled back, when having sex,so thats where they pop up on myself.LMAO! so try to eliminate friction, which will cause tearing aswell!

take my advice and go and see a doctor pref. at sexual health clinic as they will be able to deal with it right then and there my friend, i was young when i first encountered this demon and although you might be shy, remember that this doctor will have seen thousands before and after you, and probably deals with hpv himself. dont be shy doctors see it all day every day. 

see the doctor as sson as possible the earlier the better bro! i first got cryo years back, then about a year ago i got prescribed aldara, it is a miracle worker! mine were gone in about a week or two, and NO pain, no discomfort it was heavenly, cryo is the same too no pain its all good.


ive had male and female doctors, i reckon male is better as a woman may get a rise out of you! haha in saying that i nerly rose 4 a man! its not the end of ur sexual life! go tot he doctor drop ur shorts and ur on your way to wart free station, hit me back on what you get prescribed