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hi, i've recently noticed two warts on the outside of my vagina. I got gp to look at them and he confirmed them to be wart like so he said he'd refer me to gyn. He said he didnt check me internally or anything. Lately tho i felt like i had a kidney infection....little irratation when peeing and feeling like i needed to pee but didnt actually need to. I just by chance checked myself with a mirror and noticed a few what i presume to be warts nearer to opening to where i pee. I dont know if they were there the last time or if they pread or what. Does this sound like it definately genital warts or could it be something less severe? i'm very worried so when i'm waiting for gyn referal i tink i mite pay gp another visit. I also am prone to thrush. Please help! :-(


Are they like bug bites or full on warts?

If the warts are painful or spreading it is most likely an STD.
It could be HPV/genital warts, herpes, etc. The only way to know is to have a doctor diagnose it.