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Hello. Lately I’m experiencing some strange symptoms and I can determine by my self what could cause them.
I can’t make any connection between them. All my symptoms happened in a time period not bigger than two weeks.
First I have noticed strange reduction of sight and pain behind my eye. These symptoms disappear after two days.
Than I’ve experienced lack of sensation. I was typing something on my PC and suddenly I couldn’t feel my fingers touching a keyboard. After that I become very frightened. My doctor-friend told me on a phone that cause of these symptoms can be very serious.
He mentioned some disease called Multiple sclerosis. I don’t know anything about this disease, symptoms or therapy.
Any info will be most than welcome.


I am diagnosed with multiple sclerosis five years ago.
After five years fighting with it, I can confirm your friend’s suggestion that this really is very serious and terrible disease.
Inflammation of the optic nerve is the most usual starting symptom of multiple sclerosis. That probably caused your sight reduction!
Of course, there are other symptoms like paralysis or disruptions but they occur in minority of patients.
Multiple sclerosis is disease of myelin-surrounding tissue of nerves. This can be triggered by a virus, but in fact, real mechanism is autoimmune. That means that your body is fighting against his own nerve tissue. These include weakness in one or more limbs with loss of superficial feeling.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to cure the disease at the present time and even most of the symptoms are completely individual.
Steroid treatment may shorten the duration of the separate attacks but these medicaments have no long lasting effect.