I've been diagnosed with Celiac Sprue Disease....this has went on years undetected from my Dr.'s and finally after 7 years of batteling with this the Dr.'s found out I had sever Celiac Sprue, which means with or without a certain amount of diet...my small intestine doesn't work at all now...so due to this...I am constantly batteling severe flair ups of ulcers in the stomach lining along with colinitis due to the many of times of diarrahea during the day....I'm on medicine for the digestive track to the calcium pills for bone loss with this disease....Acid reflux runs in my family...and I was just wondering if this sounds like that or is this something I need to address to my Dr....please help me.....advise is great and I thank you so much for all you can advise me to do....God Bless....Thanks, MommaTua