This has been going on for years, but I just wondered if anyone has any suggestions.

Last year I bought a pot full of small rose plants 8 to 12 in a single pot. I picked this pot because there were many blooms and many more buds to come so it should have kept blossoming for a while. It's as though it's growth stopped the day it was sentenced to my house. The blossoms died as you would expect but the buds died along with them. Not a single bud ever opened.

A couple weeks ago I bought a huge Christmas Cactus because it had MANY flowers and MANY more buds. A few days ago I checked the buds because the flowers were going by, but no new ones are replacing them. The buds are as soft and dead as my old penis.

I now realize this has been going on for years. My 40 year old son just showed me a joke in the Reader's Digest that he was pissed about. He sent in the exact same joke about 6 years ago and it didn't get published. When he was a kid I came in the house one day and my wife had all the plants lined up on the counter next to the sink. I looked at them and asked her if that was death row. Same joke, different names in RD recently and he didn't get paid for it. So if that was my take on it over 30 years ago I guess it's been happening for a while.

I live in a 225 year old wood frame house that I bought in 1968. When I was a kid, people used to say you can't raise house plants in a house with a gas stove. We had one, so I thought maybe they were right. But we haven't had one for 25 years or more now. I never believed that anyway. My mother had one and I raised beautiful plants in my room as a kid and I don't remember my mother's plants dying either.

I'm not worried about my dead penis. It's had a pretty good life considering it grew up when the only sex ed was "Sex is dirty. Don't do it".

But the dying house plant's are pissing me off.