Hi, im 18 years old, girl, and Im a daily pot smoker, I bought a half ounce and when I got home realised it was sprayed (not sure what with) at the time I had no other weed so smoked it with friends, I started to get sick (sore throat, cough, cold) but there was a bug going round at the time so everyone was sick, it's now a month or 2 later and I've noticed since smoking the laced weed no matter what I smoke now I get stomach pains and just basically pains all over which made me think everytime I smoked I was dying, I had felt aswell like something was in my throat and my neck was swollen on the left side but when I asked the doc about my neck she said everything was fine and it wasn't swollen..?thinking about it now I don't know if it's me bringing it on myself or anxiety kicking in and me getting really paranoid? Anyways last night I ended up needing a bag and I ended up with the same sprayed weed, after a bong my stomach started to really tighten and I was in a lot of discomfort and for 3 minutes had a bad pain in my left lower stomach, I was hungry aswell and wasn't able to get food but could that have caused it? My question is, is laced weed really bad to smoke? Is it causing this? Or is it myself causing it by expecting to feel pain after smoking (being paranoid)? Please someone help, I love weed and don't want to give it up but if it's damaging my body in anyway then ill have 2:(