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For many years now i'v hovered arround the same weight, just over 8 stone and im 17/male. I dont eat any meat at all, probly the main reason why i am skinny. My wrists are quite slim and i would like to make them thicker, exercise doesnt help at all it only burns off more body weight. i beleive i am stuck on what i should eat to try and fatten myself up.

Iv never realy had a nack for food and i often think the "taste" is the worse part in many foods including meat.

How can i gain wieght?


It could just be your genes. I think I have skinny genes, I'm 18 and about 7 stone 5, So I know what you're going through. But tbh I've never tried gaining weight. I like being who I am. It could be that your body's just not built to be chunky