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 hello, i am 17 years old and i weight 216. i want to lose as much weight as i can for prom, i already bought a dress, it is a size to small. all my friends say i am perfect the way i am, i dont feel that way. i am on a slim fast diet, only have 250 carbs and 1200 calories. i cant seem to be losing any weight i work out twice a day. i walk and i am active when i have time... can someone give me advice on what to do, i don't know what to do, i have tried almost everything... i dont believe in the diet pills, i think they are a waste of time and money.. any ideas please help me.............. 

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I am NOT a doctor but I am a woman who has yo-yo dieted my whole life and honestly if you are just gaining wieght even though you are working out, then you are not eating a proper amount of good calories. I have tried every diet out there known to man and  NONE of them work! Continue to work out, doing more cardio than weights and push yourself to do more every time. With food you need to eat 5-6 small meals a day mostly veggies and protien. I wouldn't suggest slim-fast as it is loaded with sugar and I am not sure if it has aspratame or not but steer clear of aspratame it is rat-poison and is not fit for consumption, yet the food industry allows it to be in diet foods and drinks and honestly I have seen more people gain weight from it and get extremely ill from it. Eat organically when you can and if you can't make sure to soak all veggies in a bath of water and a capful of vinagar for 15 minute before eating to get the pesticide residues off. Also, I would go visit your doctor and make sure they take a blood panel for any allergies, or other underline deficiencies or health issues that could be causing a weight issue. Although I am much older than you, I found that I have a hormonal imbalance and a vitamin D deficiency and those happen over time, so I could have been suffering since I was your age, but you or your parent has to specifically request the certain blood test from your doctor otherwise because of your age they won't test it. I go to a naturopath because I was tired of doctors telling me I was just depressed when in actuality I just had the issues I mentioned. Good luck!