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Hey everyone,

Last week one girl was at my house, she is something like a promoter of Optislim weight loss program. She was really nice, she gave me some shake, chocolate flavor, and one coupon for Optislim. I must say that I like it, and I want to get more of these coupons.

Do you know how can I get Optislim online coupons? Any way? I am now really interested in this, because I want to try more flavors, but that girl told me that they are pretty expensive, but that I can lose my weight as well.

I want to try and I need those coupons :)

Any idea? 


Hey there,

You can get them very easy. But, I don’t understand one thing. Those girls and guys were at my flat as well, and they told me about this Optislim online coupons, where I can find them. You can easy find and get them on the internet. You just click on that place where you can read “get the code” and in that blank field write your email address, where you will receive online coupons. It is very easy.

Now, I am not sure how often they do arrive and when, but you will get them. Don’t worry :)

Enjoy your day!



Hello there,

Now, she just gave me that one coupon, and she told me that I can get more of them. But, that was all. She is not talkative, it seems to me :) I know that she was there just to do her job and earn her fee. And that is OK :)

I was searching on the internet and I followed your instruction :) It is helpful, thank you very much :)

Now I really know how to get them. I want to try vanilla and coffee flavor :) That will be my first choice :)

Enjoy your day, thanks once again!