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Hello everyone,

A Few days ago, I think it was on Monday, I have decided to join some of my friends in some amazing fitness center. It is like one of the best things in my town :) I need to admit that this is just one reason why I joined them :) Now, we learn about some healthy eating program, and I must say that I don’t believe that it is so hard. They use optislim shakes as well, I mean, they do recommend it as well. The main reason is, like they say, optislim shakes for weight loss are protein – based.

Is that true? I have heared this for the first time.


Hello darling,

Well, for sure, they do have some proteins, but I don’t think that they are soooo protein based. I mean, one optislim shake contain 14 g of protein and, for example, 20 g of carbs.  Now, you can see that optislim shakes are not that protein based, but they do have proteins in it :)

I am glad that you have decided to follow some diet program and that you have decideed to go to the fitness, because as far as I know, you have a lot of issues with your weight.

I wish you good luck in this.




Hey there

Yes, I am glad you have noticed. I am always struggling with my weight, and I must say that it was really hard for me to decide to join fitness. I was always thinking that the other girls are going to make fun of me. But, no :) Tnx God!

Now, I do make Optislim shakes but I didn’t know nothing about Optislim shakes nutritional values. Thank you for this information, I will try to tell them this, and I will see what other girls from my fitness class are thinking about this subject.

Thank you a lot!