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Hey girls and boys,

I must say that in the last seven days, I am so hooked up on those shakes that can help me change my way of eating. :) I usually blend something healthy what I want to blend, but I don’t follow any specific diet that can tell me what groceries I should blend. Maybe that is the mistake, because maybe sometimes I blend too much protein or something like that.

My friend is fitness trainer and she knows how lazy I can be, because I really still don’t have any will to exercise. She told me that I should start to use Optislim shakes.

I was wondering, are they really work for weight loss?

God bless you! 



They actually are good replacements for meals. But, they are quite pricey. My sister, Nora from Australia was using them because they were quite good for her, but as much as I can remember, two boxes were about 50 dollars :)  You can find almost every flavor, you can replace one your meal with optislim shakes, but you need to know that they can replace every single meal. They can work, for sure.

You need to know that those shakes has sugar and milk solid. They are not sugar free. Also, you need to know that you shouldn’t use them if you are pregnant. You need to consult your doctor before starting using optislim shakes.

Good luck! 



Good day,

I wouldn’t agree with you! Those shakes are really tasty and you can combine it with every other diet program, but you need to stick to it to see results. I suggest some vegetarian diet if you are overweight. You need to train hard as well, and you should cut out all bad habits. I must say that this was very hard diet program to me, but it is ok and you can lose your weight.

One advice, if you are going to buy them, I suggest you – avoid box of pumpkin soup because it is pretty disgusting and bland. You can find a lot of better flavors. 




I love optislim shakes as well, and I know that you can lose your pounds, but of course, if you combine it with some amazing diet program. I don’t think that this should be a vegetarian diet, but OK, if you want that diet program, that is ok.

I must say that my favorite flavor is coffee flavor. True, it is a little bit weak, and I can’t stay full for the long time, but ok. Any other flavor is just delicious, and whenever I wanted to use them I was feeling full :)

Trust me, you are going to lose weight and you are going to love those shakes.