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Hello there guys,

Because I have all positive things about this site, I find out a lot of useful things and informations and I started to talk too much about it :) Well, now, one cousin of mine is very interested to drink Optislim shakes to lose her weight. She told me that she tried this one, I think it was vanilla flavor, and she just loves it.

She has heard that she can lose her pounds thanks to this one, so she was wondering just one thing – how often you need to drink Optislim shakes if you want to lose weight?

Thank you very much! 


Hello there,

I respect the recipe that my sister follows. You can drink optislim two times a week if you want to lose your weight – no more. Maybe it seems a little for you, but it is not, trust me. If you keep up with this, you will be able to lose your pound after a few months.

The main reason is that Optislim might be the replacement, but it can’t replace your meal, it is not so good. But it can help you if you are in the hurry and you skip your breakfast.

So, twice a day it is totally enough :)





What’s up?

One friend of mine told me that I can use optislim every time I want to use it, no matter how much of it I drink per day. It was a little bit confusing for me, to be honest. I was thinking like, OK, that is too much, but if that is the recipe to lose my pounds, than OK. But, I can see it is not. I will try like you have told me to do, and I will see will I be able to lose my pounds or not.

Thank you very much.

Have a nice day!