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Hey everyone,

I have a few questions about this Harcombe diet program. A few days ago I was talking with my maid of honor about this diet program. I was telling her that I am really thrilled with this diet program and that it seems pretty easy, easy to follow.

But, she told me that I am very brave girl, because this diet program is totally different from any other diet program at this moment.

I don’t know why, why she told this to me?

Do you know? Is it possible that Hacombe diet is really so different from other diets?

Good luck! 


Good day my darling,

I have to say that every diet program is totally different than other diet programs, every diet program is more specific than others.

Now, I am not sure what she was thinking about, but maybe that is because the promoter of this diet found a lot of myths in the diet programs. I believe that this is the reason.

So, that is one thing that makes this diet program different from any other.

And, trust me, that is not the bad thing. Sometimes, it is really good to be different from any other. Zoe is really good promoter of her diet program, trust me! Enjoy! 



Hi there,

I have to say that I agree with you – totally. It is really, really different because it is telling us something that is totally different. It is really nice when you know that you really don’t have to count your calories, that you really don’t need to be careful about your meals, that you don’t have to eat a little meals, they can be bigger as well.

So, that is why this diet program is different, it is really helpful and the most important thing – it is not a scam.

So, if you wish to follow it, my advice is to do that.

Good luck with it. 



Good afternoon folks,

I have to say that this is the best diet I have ever tried so far. You maybe will not find any difference in this diet with some other diet program, but there are a lot of difference, because it is pure and clean.

And, that is most important. I am on this diet program for three years now and I don’t believe that I will ever follow some diet program ever.

I just love it and I would like to recommend it always. It is simple, it is not hard at all.

Good luck and try it!