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Can somebody please help me i am frustrated i am having syntoms of pregnancy and not only me my partner along with me but i took the home and blood test and they both came back negative i have always had a hormonal inbalance problems ever since i have known about periods. How can i know for sure that if i am pregnant. I am gaining weight like crazy my breasts are extremely larger than usual i detect that i am about eight weeks pregnant.PLEASE HELP.


Hi Avonele,

Unfortunately, the blood and urine tests are the best way to confirm.  The urine test is very accurate, when used EXACTLY as per directions.  Using your FIRST morning urine.  The blood test is also very accurate.  At 8 weeks, you should be testing positive on both.

Your other symptoms are not specific to pregnancy. 

Have you seen an ob/gyn or just your doctor?  If you have not had your period by the next time you expect it, see the ob/gyn.  They can run an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy.