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Um hi I'M kind of embarrassed but I'M 13 and I think I might be pregnant I had sex with my boyfriend. I'M saying this because I hadn't had my period yet and I can't be in this predicament. My parents are VERY strict I don't know how I'M supposed to get a pregnancy test cause I'M not sure if I'M allowed to get one. Somebody please help me. Also can somebody please explain what a bypass is because if I'M pregnant I wanna be able to get a abortion but without my parents knowing. Please and thank you


Hi Sylvia,

Just because you had sex it does not mean you are pregnant.  Women are often late after their first time having sex.  Stress can make your period late too.

How late are you?

You should be able to buy a test at any store.  You could also check with Planned Parenthood or even your school nurse.

He can buy the test too.

If you test you must use your first morning urine, your wake up pee.  It is more concentrated so it will give better results.  Follow the directions exactly.  A false positive test result is very rare.  False negatives are very common.

Good luck.