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how can i know if im still a virgin.i played sex to a 10 year old boy when i was 8.and he insert in mine.


If you want to know whether your hymen is intact, you can inspect your vagina using a hand-mirror. If you want more instruction or advice on that please ask

  1. What exactly happened when you were 8? It maybe that he did not fully penetrate you. If he didn't you are technically still a virgin. If he did, you are not.
  2. His penis might have been quite small at 10, and entered your vagina easily without rupturing your hymen. Then you might still be considered a virgin in your culture.
    1. Were you aroused?
    2. What did it feel like?
    3. Was there any bleeding?
  3. Or you hymen might have been ruptured when younger.
  4. Where do you live?
  5. What are the cultural or religious implications?
  6. How old are you now?
  7. Why are you asking now? What is your situation?

I hope this helps as a start.