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hello.I'm Emily.I have a boyfriend...we use to have sex together but i always allow him to use his finger not his penis. He always take his finger in my p***y and we do it maybe more than 6 times. Moreover, the third times i see a little bit blood and my p***y color isn't like before..he always do it with two fingers and goes it deeply. So if i do like this many times like this, Did i lost my virgin? please answer to me.


You are still technically a virgin until you have sexual intercourse, when a guy's penis penetrates your vagina. However some people refer to the hymen (maidenhead) as their 'virginity'. Is this what you mean? Are there any religious or cultural implications? Where are you from?

It is likely that your hymen has been ruptured (to a greater or lesser extent) by the insertion of your boyfriend's fingers. Two fingers can be as big (or bigger) than a penis.

You say "my p***y color isn't like before", so what part is different? What colour was it, and what colour is it now? What is your skin colour elsewhere?

I am concerned that you say "i always allow him to use his finger ...", as the word "allow" indicates pressure from him, not a desire of your own.

I hope this helps as a start.