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can I do a lowcarb vegan diet.


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Although I am not vegan , I believe I can give you a good acvice about protein rich foods that will keep you full longer.

- first of all instead of breads and pitas eat vegetables- best are fresh, grilled are aslo great (high heat, short time), steamed even better.   I know they vegetables contain lots of carbs, but these are good carbs, and you need carbs to be healthy - so make sure those carbs that you do consume come from good sources - and vegetables (and whole grains) are best option. 

Since you want to lose weight (I noticed that in your previous posts), eat flax seeds. Add them to salads, hummus, veggie or fruit shakes etc.. FLax seeds will make you feel full more quickly and you won't overeat - you'll be on a good way to weight loss. Since they are a great source of omega 3 (usually found in fish which vegans can't eat).

Beans, legues and tofu - super rich source of proteins for vegans. These 3 must defenitely be in your diet. They are all lean protein and dietary fiber. Chose lentils, kidney beans, chickpeas and black beans, peas, lima beans - there are many varieties... Tofu is the "meat" for vegans - high in proteins, low in carbs. And there are other soy products that can be great as well as healthy.  

I don't know how comfortable you are with protein shakes. Personally I use them - in shakes and I prepare homemade protein bars, which are super cool and convenient (and cheap!). Protein powder serves as a meal replacement, and can be used in many ways. 

Let me know what you think!



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have you heard of chia seeds? Great protein food! I make chia seeds puddings, but you can also add them to salads, shakes, soups. 

Recipe for chia pudding: 

1 spoon chia seeds 

6-10 spoos milk - use soy milk since you're vegan; 10 spoons will make it more liquidy and will take more time for chia seeds to absorb the liquid 

1-2 spoons sugar - stevia is of course even better if you use it

1 spoon caccao

mix well in a plastic bowl with a lid; put in fridge; and if possible stir a few times; chia seeds will absorb liquid better; it is best if you prepare this pudding 1 day in advance - it makes a serving for about 2 perons.