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Hi! I have genital warts, about four skin tags. It's been embarrassing but I need to get rid of these already. It's ruining my chances with the ladies...! I've been looking around online for a treatment that actually works and not just a rip-off. So far I came across Zerowarts Oxyfend. Has anybody tried topical treatment for warts? I need your suggestions asap. My prom is coming up in a few months and I need these warts off!


Most common successful treatment for warts is to starve them of oxygen.  No kidding.

This is usually accomplished by coating them with something that seals out the air, like "Compound W" or "athletic tape".  After about two weeks of staving the wart of oxygen, it will begin to shrink, and become loose.  After a period of time continuing to keep it covered, it may wabble and eventually break off the stalk, leaving a small crater.  This should heal by it'self.

Products like "Compound W" also contain a very very weak acid, with helps to attack the wart and dissolve it.

Some wart treatments are frigid, and actually freeze the wart, killing it until it also shrinks and falls off.

Depending on just WHERE these genital warts are, you may want to choose another option..... go see a family doctor and have them prescribe treatment.  It's not as uncommon as you might think, so don't be embarassed, but go to the professional and get an answer.    Good luck.