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Just want to actually see how many women have actually fell pregnant whilst been on the depo injection and how long they were on it for before they did. I have been on many different websites looking for answers and I have noticed a lot of women who have fell pregnant while on the depo, were on it for 2 years. Could it be possible that once you've been on it for a while that your body gets used to it and rejects it?  I have been on it for about a year and 7 months and I've only just started to pregnancy symptoms and also a faint line on a pregnancy test and I have never missed an injection, been late for one but that wasn't my recent one I got. So would you be able to comment with how long you were on for, if you missed one and anything else that might help me.. Thank you :)


honestly, I been on it for 3 years straight non-stop & I have stopped becuz it was getting me really fat, I looked pregnant, so I decided not use anything, now I been off for 2 years & haven't gotten pregnant yet. When I was on it, I felt moody, I felt like really emotinal, I would always think, maybe I 'm pregnant but every 3 months I would go the clinic & they would take me a pregnancy test & it would always come back negative, I guess it was all in my head, since I was gaining weight & I went 3 years straight without a period, now I have it irregular, sometimes months go by & it doesn't come...but then it does eventually.. hope this helps!