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Hello to all of you out there, I'm a type 2 and I have hypos from time to time. I have trouble figuring out how much glucose when a hypo happens. I find that fruit juice tends to make me go hyper and glucose tabs aren't enough. I usually have to eat something (light meal) with the tabs. Is there a rule of thumb about this sort thing. Does anyone else have this problem and have you resolved it? A friend of my who is also type 2 takes a mini snickers and sometimes she takes 3 to 4 Jelly Babies. But, how much she takes depends on I don't know what. If I start eating Jelly Babies, I won't be able to stop. Can you give me some advice on this. Anything would be appreciated. Thanks.


Hello, Your hypos and how you deal with that are specific to you and your needs. It depends on how you got to the hypo, where you happen to be, when you ate, level of activity and what previsions you have when the hypo occurs. You want to bring you BS up quickly and one way to do that is use a liquid of some sort if at all possible. You can take in sweets (sugar candies, glucose tab, snickers, etc.) but it is best that they don't contain fats and that will slow down the digestion and absorption process. Of course, dealing with your hypo is going to have to be by trial and error. Make sure to write down what you ate and/or drank in the process. Then you can be prepared the next time and you know what you need to carry with if you are out.


It is known that glucose works faster than anything else you can take, but the glucose tabs are dry. Diabetes often generates dry mouth so you may need to find some water or carry water with you if you are out so you can get them down. Unlike a candy bar which has to be broken down (digested), glucose is already broken down and can be absorbed right away. If you have a glucose drink, all the better as it will work within seconds. Fruit juice on the other hand contains glucose and fructose. Fructose takes longer to take effect. Nevertheless, you will eventually get to the point when you know you can take 1 glass of orange juice (if that's what's available) or you can eat a mini-Snickers. You might need both depending on what you're doing.