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I just read on the news about someone's house burned down from them being in a hypo state!  This is terrifying to me because I am type 1 diabetic.  I do not want to have something like that happening to me!  I live alone and what if I have a hypo while cooking and then the house catches fire and I get killed from a burning fire??   This is probably not likely but then the person who had their own house burn down probably thought the same thing.  So what would YOU do in my situation?  Any advice would be valuable to me. 


I agree it is very important to be conscious of your hypos so that you stay safe as much as possible.  You can do this by being alert for signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia.  If you start feeling disoriented, sweaty, extremely fatigued or lethargic, and/or shaky, you should take your blood sugar and see what your blood sugar reads.  If you are running a low, you should take 15 grams of carbohydrates to bring it back up.  If it still reads low when you check it again in 10 minutes, eat another 15 grams of carbs.

If you have severe hypos that you are having frequently, you may have another alternative available to you.  It is a watch that you wear to let you know if you are becoming hypoglycemic. It can sense you are going into a hypo by your body temperature and if you are sweating.  Your body temperature drops when your blood sugar is going low so this watch picks up on that.  

You can be diligent and be aware of your body when your blood glucose levels are starting to drop.  Take your blood sugar when you are suspecting you are not “feeling just right.”  You will be safe and will stave off those hypos.